The origin story 

Myles graduated university with BA (Hons) in Business Studies and was awarded a prize for his entreprenurship. Therefore he knows that to provide the best service possible a business must provide value. When booking Myles you are not only booking a magician you are booking a experienced professional that will not only entertain your guests but guarantee that you event will be talked about days, months even years later.

Flashback to 2002,  six year old Myles and his family are at Butlin's holiday park in Bognor Regis. During an evening of entertainment a magician (Now TV presenter) Stephen Mulhern starts his show. During a trick Myles is invited on stage by Stephen and proceeds to accidentally ruin the trick. However Stephen and the audience see the funny side, for helping out Myles receives a magic set signed by Stephen. Myles' life in magic had begun.  What follows is year after year of magic sets for Christmas and Birthdays. At age 11 Myles requested to join the Associated Wizards of the South (the AWS) of which Houdini was at one time an honorary member. However there was a problem... the club had an age restriction of 13. After some deliberation the AWS decided to let Myles into the fraternity based on his skill level and passion (Myles even made it into the local newspaper).

Many years later Myles is living his dream performing at weddingscorporate events and private parties across the UK entertaining crowds with his sleight of hand magic. If you are looking for truly astounding magic for your event please contact Myles now! 

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