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The 'don't come

to my lecture'


Times are tough, events are cancelled, shop shelves are empty and we have to stay at home.  I thought I would offer a free live lecture streamed on Youtube to anyone that is interested. The magic community pretty much raised me so this is my way of giving a little something back. Plus I miss being centre of attention whilst at gigs. 
I will be streaming through a unlisted link on Youtube meaning anyone with a link can access the lecture. I thought the easiest way for everyone to receive the link would be for me to create an event page on Facebook. Join the event page, share with fellow magi and maybe make some suggestions if you would like to see anything in particular in the lecture.
The lecture will start at 8pm- 9pm on Sunday, 29th March. If the lecture is popular I'll likely do more in the future! Stay safe and stay home.
all the best,
Myles Thornton
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Click the toilet roll to join my facebook event

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