why your next exhibit needs Myles

Stand out from the crowd

Trade shows can often feel like this...



Myles can help make trade shows feel like this...



Trade shows are highly competitive. It can often seem like your brand, message and exhibit get lost amongst a sea of your competitors.
That's where Myles comes in. Myles creates magic that not only attract attendees to your exhibit thus increasing leads but that also include your brand, message and goals. 

creating a unique experience

Attendees of trade shows know they are going to be sold to. However fatigue can quickly set in after being repeatedly sold to. Myles' approach is a breath of fresh air for attendees. Rather than jumping directly into sales mode Myles creates genuine connections making the attendees laugh, smile and gasp with his magic. This rapport creates a receptive and enthusiastic state within the attendees which is when Myles will pass over to your experienced sales team.    


An added bonus of Myles' service is that many attendees want to film Myles' magic to post on social media.This means that your brand and message will be spreading not only inside the trade show but for online audiences also.
 Realising the value of social media interactions Myles has tailored made magic that encourage people to share their experience and tag your company. 


Myles' service is designed to be simple and effective. In fact it can be broken down into three steps: ​
  1. Attracts attendees to your exhibit.
  2. Makes an impact with magic that includes your brand, message and goals.
  3. Transforms attendees into enthusiastic and receptive leads.
"Myles is the real deal!!!
His friendly professional approach appeals to all generations while his magical skills totally amaze his audience"
Mark Hendley, GoGeek Events

"MAGICAL! Highly recommended with mind blowing magic! Perfect for any event! Myles works the crowd and gets everyone involved with his fantastic tricks!"

  The GROW Project 

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