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The Myles Per Hour Lecture

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“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Myles a little while now and the quality of his work is outstanding! Beautiful visual magic, practical and commercial effects he makes his living from. I highly recommend him to all magic clubs. You will not be disappointed!” 

John Carey, Magic Creator, Author and Lecturer 

"The visual purity of his effects fooled me. 

This is not eye candy, far from it. 

This beautiful and logical magic with ordinary object constructed and designed for maximum impact."

Michael Vincent, Internationally Renowned Magician

Who is Myles?

Myles Thornton is a full-time professional magician working at private events, corporate events and weddings. Myles is known for his signature sleight of hand magic using ordinary everyday objects. In fact, one of Myles’routines entitled Circulus was released with Ellusionist becoming one of their top releases of 2018. 

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More recently the world's biggest magic supplier Murphy's Magic flew Myles all the way to America to film his lecture. Myles' At The Table Lecture was one of Vanishing Inc's most popular products of the week upon its release, receiving rave reviews.


What is the Myles Per Hour Lecture?


The Myles Per Hour Lecture is jam packed with visual magic. Myles is known for his sleight of hand ability, however not everything in this lecture is knuckle busting, many of Myles’ creations can be learnt by even the newest magic enthusiast. 


Included in this lecture is: 


Ring magic you can carry on your finger and take with you everywhere, Myles' workers coin routine, colour changing sharpie, how to make a wine glass float out the spectators hands, the visual art of contact juggling and much much more!


"Great lecture Myles! The best we’ve had for years! Brilliant!"

-Glen Stone 


"Really enjoyed your lecture great layed back style and superb presentation skills you were able to demonstrate really stunning visual effects and then break them down into small segments that even l could understand. To other clubs if you see this post book Myles and your see first hand one of rising stars of our art form perform his own unique brand of magic."


-Jim Stone 

If you would like Myles to lecture at your local magic society or would like Myles to host a workshop near you please contact him here.
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